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Energy Efficient Cooling Solutions

To save on your energy consumption and costs and improve the energy efficiency in your Buffalo area home, rely on the advice and energy efficient solutions from the experts at Jameson Heating & Air.


Discover how you can make energy savings in your home:

1. Energy Efficient Cooling

Modern cooling systems are far more energy efficient than the best models on the market from just 10 years ago. By ensuring your new system is professionally installed and is correctly sized and rated for the size of your home and cooling needs, you could be enjoying significant savings on your energy consumption and lower utility bills.


2. Home Zoning

With a home zoning upgrade to your cooling system, you can separate your home into 'zones', whether it be room by room or sections of your house such as upstairs and downstairs. The benefit of this is you decide what 'zones' are cooled when you want it - you're in control of your energy consumption and costs because you're no longer wasting energy cooling areas of your home not in use.


3. Digital Programmable Thermostats

One of the simplest ways of reducing the energy costs associated with your cooling is with a digital programmable thermostat upgrade. The thermostat allows you to set the desired temperature and as soon as that temperature is reached, the system shuts down and only comes on again to ensure the desired temperature is maintained. You can also program your system to switch on at desired times such as before you come home, so you won't have to either come home to a cold house or have to leave the cooling running all day. You simply set the thermostat to switch on at your desired time and come home to a warm and cosy home.


4. Expert Installations

It is essential that any air conditioning system or upgrade be installed by a professional who has sized and rated the system to match the needs of you and your home. This will ensure that your new system is able to reach its full energy efficient capability and make you real savings on your energy consumption and costs.


5. Preventative Maintenance and Tune Ups

To ensure you continue to get the maximum energy efficiency out of your systems, most manufacturers and utility companies recommend that maintenance be performed at least once-a-year. This will ensure you continue to save money on your utility bills and your system operates at its maximum potential efficiency. Unmaintained systems work harder to reach the desired output, wasting energy and money on your utility bills.

To start making big savings by improving the energy efficiency in your Buffalo home, call and speak with the energy efficiency experts at Jameson Heating & Air today.

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